Poms @ Evergreen


After switching majors last year at Classen SAS from dance to IB, Lauren was looking for an outlet to still enjoy dance recreationally. She tried out and got accepted to the Classen pom squad, and found a new sport. The Classen squad was very laid back, but it gave Lauren an opportunity to connect with friends who have similar interests, and its light practice schedule allowed her to ease in slowly.

Over spring break 2011 we visited Evergreen, CO to scout schools and gyms, and began to identify neighborhoods that might be a good fit for us. Lauren and Megan had emailed back and forth with the Evergreen pom coach and were able to arrange a workout/tryout for Lauren. Evergreen pom is MUCH more serious than Classen; they routinely qualify for and place well at national competitions. So we suspected that Lauren would have her work cut out for her to make the squad.

Spring break flew by, as Lauren worked out almost every day with the Evergreen pom girls (they were not on spring break yet). She made some friends and practiced well. By the end of the week she was feeling strong, did her formal tryout, and made the squad. She’s really looking forward to being up there full time and connecting with the pom girls.

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