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One reason why it happened…

People who truly know me know that I didn’t vote for either of the duopoly candidates, Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton in November. I proffered one doomed ballot – okay two, since I also get my wife’s vote. Thanks babe! – among a sea of protest votes, content to waste my vote on a “snowflake’s chance in hell…” candidate because it’s the only way I could serve my conscience. I even violated state law and selfie-posted my ballot on Facebook because yeah, I’m a rebel.

But for good friends and important people I love around the country who wonder how Mr. Trump pulled off the unexpected in November, I submit the following piece from Caitlin Flanagan in this month’s issue of the Atlantic. Much of the blame – or credit, depending on your angle – rests squarely at the feet of the entertainment industry.

We inhabit the reality we have created. If we don’t figure out how to bridge the divide between us, our nation will never be reconciled. And both sides have to move.

Please read: How Late-Night Comedy Fueled the Rise of Trump

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