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Feeding the neighbears

Alright. I’ve been quite deleterious in posting and I won’t try and cover too much history in this post. But since the last post way back in April we moved to a new place here in Evergreen. The new house is a little closer to downtown Evergreen but it sits on top of a hill above town. It’s a quieter setting than the last place, and best yet – it backs up to a forest.

We have a great deck that overlooks the forest and we often see a family of deer and a few foxes each week. We have seen evidence of bears – overturned and looted garbage cans and telltale bear poo, but had never seen them in the fur. UNTIL TONIGHT!!!

We were wrapping up dinner tonight just hanging out and chatting when I looked out the front door and spotted a young bear just standing at the end of our walk.

One of the new neighbors

He ambled down by Caroline (the green Bimmer) and we scrambled to various windows for a better vantage point. I figured he was headed right to the trash cans.

Sure enough, he got to the trash can and momma bear and another youth were already hanging out digging through our collection of cast off banana peels, coffee grounds, and old hamburger buns. I figure if I have to clean up after the bears (they’re not terribly thorough in their clean up efforts), I might as well grab a few shots.

Dinner time!

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