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Snowing on OU-Texas weekend!

After a cool but very sunny Friday we had begun to doubt the meteorologists’ forecasts predicting snow in the front range. Megan and I closed out the week with a really great date night at “The Fort“, a really nice restaurant about 20 minutes away in Morrison. We enjoyed a great dinner of bison, elk, and quail, and then enjoyed the cool of the Colorado evening by an open fire in the courtyard of The Fort. As we returned home from dinner we still wondered if the weather predictions would be right.

But this morning we awoke to 3” of fresh snowfall, and the snow has continued throughout the day. Before the OU-Texas kickoff we headed into downtown for a cup of coffee and to check out Evergreen in the autumn snow.

We had head that part of the elk herd was nearby, so we hopped back in Megan’s truck and set out to find them. Just a block west of downtown we found the herd grazing near the creek and snapped a few shots.

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Back home, Ashten got to work building the first snow woman of the season. She was finished complete with chocolate eyes, a rainbow candle nose, candy corn smile, and flip-flops.

No pipe, birthday candle nose, and eyes made out of CHOCOLATE! (Yep, it must be ours!)

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