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Good morning from the Rockies

I was awakened at 2:40 this morning with a very loudly bugling elk bull about 50 feet away from my bedroom window. I could make out his massive profile on the hill behind the house, and he just stood there letting us know he was on guard through the night. Fortunately he moved on after 15 minutes or so, allowing us to go back to sleep. It’s funny – if it was a honking horn, loud music, or other human-caused (or human-neglected) commotion, it would surely have profoundly irritated me. But the elk was reminding me that we are in HIS yard, and I was grateful for the disruptive reminder.

A few hours later I awoke to the sound of my coffee pot grinding and getting started, which is my alarm to get up and start my day. Like most days, I began by getting dressed enough to take the dog out for his morning constitutional before he gets his breakfast. As I strolled out the front door and down the steps I was greeted by a magnificent sunrise. It was just one more reminder that we truly live in paradise and are so fortunate to have this opportunity.

Good morning from the foothills

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