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America’s highest sunrise, and big days for the girls

Today started very early for me. As I posted in the BMW pages, I got up a few hours before sunrise so I could drive to the top of Mt. Evans to see the sun come up. Here is the link to the writeup on that trip. It was an amazing drive with views that must be experienced!

Welcome to Colorado…early!

After a hot breakfast and some much-needed coffee, I headed back home to grab Lauren and take her downtown for the Rodeo Day parade here in Evergreen. She and the pom girls were greeted like celebrities and received loud cheers of support from the large crowd of spectators.

Man, can they strut!

Megan had to do a round trip to DIA (Denver International Airport) to see Ashten off to gymnastics camp. Her torn MCL notwithstanding, Ashten was cleared by her doctor to attend camp and workout, provided she complied with his written limitations. Megan and the camp directors spoke at length about Ashten’s restrictions, and discussed post-workout recovery and therapy to keep her knee moving toward a full recovery.

Tomorrow we will head to Greeley to leave Lauren at camp and Megan and I will explore Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. I’ve wanted to go there for years and never made it a priority, but I suspect the views are going to be phenomenal.

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